At Your Service

At Your Service

She smiles through the pain as she serves up a slice of apple pie. How can I be of service she asks? Between doctors’ visits, the chiropractor’s office, and routine pain medication injections she doesn’t have a lot of time for herself, yet she chooses to spend it in service. Ask her why and she’ll tell you that serving others helps her to forget about her own pain and discomfort.

With grace and compassion she attends to our community’s most vulnerable; teaching young children to read in our schools, serving lunch to the homeless, and mentoring our youth at juvenile hall. She is an extraordinary champion, the most sincere depiction of selflessness and all that is good, humbly standing out in the crowd. She dresses with pride, never showy, but always neat and well-groomed. She greets strangers with smiles, eagerly embraces challenges, and accepts compliments with genuine appreciation and modesty.

There are others too…selfless individuals in our community who have dedicated their lives to service. They serve in our schools, hospitals and jails too. They can be seen building trails and cleaning up trash, walking dogs at the shelter, and distributing food. They hold their heads high with pride and dignity. They have discovered the secret…that it is greater to give than to receive. It seems they are so filled up inside with gratitude that they simply bubble over with goodness and giving.

What incredible value we receive from these people, through their gifts of service in our community, and also, if we are open to receiving, the valuable lessons of empathy, giving, compassion, and respect.

On their most difficult day they smile and say, “How can I be of service?”

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